Accessing an instructor; Choose an instructor in your area and book through the contact email or text message. You will receive a response within three days to answer any queries and organize the initial class. Payment is made through transfer into the Targeted Yoga Services account; BSB 728-728  Account no. 22330064. Include name of client in transfer.

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Mission Statement

Yoga is an ancient Sanskrit word derived from the yoke around a bull pulling a cart. It is the image of the connecting force between conscious direction and the individual. It is this conscious direction that gives the joy of knowing that it is possible for everyone to reach their potential in life.
This knowledge has been preserved in India and passed down through lineages by the various Gurus of yoga schools.
Research has shown that yoga is beneficial in physical, mental and emotional ways. Targeted Yoga Services makes yoga available for the specific needs of their clients. People with disabilities benefit through having a daily routine that works with their individual dysfunction and their inherent strengths through the gentle movements in asanas, and the mood settling breathing and relaxation techniques that are skillfully imparted by instructors who are experienced working with people with special needs. Those clients with mental and behavioural afflictions benefit through the stabilization of routine and the hormonal and emotional balance derived from asanas, pranayama (breathing) and mindful relaxation and meditation techniques. And everybody can benefit through maintaining their physical and mental health with the flexibility and balance offered by yoga practice. Targeted Yoga Services gives thanks to Swami Satyananda who brought the knowledge of yoga to the world from 1965 to his parting in 2005. His legacy is continued by his successor, Swami Niranjan and the Bihar School of Yoga. This style of yoga is known as Integral Yoga, as it incorporates all schools of yoga in a method that is slow, gentle and suitable for everyone.