In the disability field clients are allotted funding specific to their needs by the governments NDIS funding model. The funding is periodically reviewed according to the clients activities. Targeted Yoga Services (TYS) is well placed to deliver a quality activity which adds to their overall wellbeing. As an instructor for Targeted Yoga Services you will visit clients with disabilities on a regular basis in their home or place of daily activity, and gently guide them through a yoga class. All classes begin with the simple movements of the ‘Pawamuktasana’ series. A routine that is always changing with the client’s mood and abilities is worked out between TYS management, you, and the client’s supporters. We are thrilled to have you join the team and look forward to any feedback and ideas you have. If you have any difficulty  completing the application form please contact us and we’ll step you through it.  The NDIS funding is set up for courses. Currently that translates to five one hour lessons over five weeks.All instructors are to have public liability and indemnity insurance. This costs about $35 per month, or $250 per year.                                Thanks, Yagia

Please note; You are expected to maintain a standard of respect, honesty, and reliability. Payment to instructors is currently set at $80 per hour,plus travel expenses ($1 per km ,max 30 kms one way only  )

Become an instructor

Fill in the application below to become an Instructor


The instructors working through TYS have been chosen for their experience and qualifications. Some have other skills such as music, art and circus that they may be willing to share with the client.This is between the client and the instructor in a private arrangement. The instructor does not represent Targeted Yoga Services in this arrangement

Instructors; It is preferable that you instruct in the space regulated by an organization such as a disability group home, school, prison etc. under the NDIS scheme. If you go to a private residence (for a client who is being cared for by family and staff), it is advised that the first appointment includes you being accompanied by a friend. This is for safety and for feedback into the nuances of the situation.

Fees; Fees are paid directly to Targeted Yoga Services. A 10% commission is absorbed prior to the payment passed on to the instructor. Transport costs are not charged commission. As of January 2021 the fee charged to the client is $80 per hour ,plus transport fee.

Transport;The consumer is not charged transport costs if the instructor can get to the client in under 15 minutes in normal conditions. Over 15 minutes the client is charged $70c per minute driving time

Notes;Brief and informative notes are to made in your log in page within a day or two after every session. Something like “ Set routine was followed, leg rotation asana included after shavasana (lying down), everything went well”.

 If anything untoward happens call emergency services 000. So have a working mobile phone with you at all times. Ring management (Yagia)  asap to debrief. All  incidents, including those that are not emergency or traumatic are to be noted in the clients notes under a headline of “Incident”, and you will be contacted to debrief.

Insurance; All instructors are required to have their own public liability insurance. This costs around $200 p.a. contact management for details.

Instructors Code of Conduct

“Instructor” refers to the person giving instruction through the Targeted Yoga Services website

“Instructions” refers to the instructions given by the instructor to the client during the course of the class

“Consumer” and “client”refers to the person being given instruction through contact via the Targeted Yoga Services website

“Services” refers to any interaction between the client and the instructor on the premises designated for the class

Targeted Yoga Services respects and supports consumers to continue living independently in their own homes and communities with dignity and respect, along with choice and inclusion in relation to their care needs, and being free to engage an advocate and/or representative of their choice.

Targeted Yoga Services sets out, in principle, the behaviors and standards of conduct expected of an instructor who is providing a service to a person introduced through the Targeted Yoga Services website By offering this service Consumers via the Targeted Yoga Services website, the instructor is agreeing to always:


1. Treat members of the Targeted Yoga Services community, family members and representatives, with respect and dignity at all times.

2. Recognize that each consumer is an individual, with individual needs, inclusive of those with complex, or more specialised needs.

3. Respect peoples personal, cultural, linguistic and religious preferences and background.

4. Provide instruction with empathy and sensitivity, without exploitation, abuse, discrimination or harassment.

5. Respect the consumers rights pertaining to discrimination, victimization, or abuse.


1. Act at all times professionally, ethically and honestly, and in the best interests and wellbeing of the Targeted Yoga Services community.

2. Deliver reliable, high quality and personalized instruction, acting at all times in accordance with the goals of the class and the consumer.

3. Be aware of the appropriate professional boundaries in providing instruction services to Targeted Yoga Services consumers, and act at all times to protect the boundaries of the professional relationship. Example;

i. The Targeted Yoga Services instructor cannot be a beneficiary of a consumer’s will, nor engage in any physical relationship with a consumer, nor take unfair advantage of, or exploit any relationship with, the consumers in any way.

4. Immediately report any form of abuse or neglect of a child, an elder or a person with a disability to the relevant state authority.

5. Immediately report any accident or incident to the appropriate emergency service (e.g. Police, Fire, Ambulance) and/or regulatory body (e.g. Health Care Complaints Commission, Department of Social Services), that occurs during the provision of service.

6. This includes and is not limited to;

i. The instructor, the consumer and or any person present during service.

7. Immediately report any episode or incident which raises concerns about the standards of care provided by a care giver who is working with the client.

8. Document all details of any accident/incident (via appropriate forms or progress note) that occur during service delivery.

9. Not act in a vulgar manner, nor expose consumers or any member of the consumers’ households to pornographic, sexually explicit or otherwise inappropriate material.

10. Not be under the influence or alcohol or drugs at any time while providing services to the consumer.

11. Understand the importance of effective communication and communicate openly, and honestly  with the consumers, and their family members or representatives.

12. Maintain and keep up to date all; qualifications, police checks, licenses and registrations, required to provide the services requested by the consumer.


1. Keep confidential all personal information and records of the consumers. This includes but is not limited to;

i. the safe storage of information required to carry out the appropriate care as requested by the consumer.

2. Not take advantage of any personal information or sensitive information (including health and financial information) of the consumer obtained during the course of providing service.


1. Always act with due diligence in regard to the health, safety and wellbeing of the consumer and the instructor’s own health and safety.

2. Execute service safely, and in accordance with the appropriate standards expected of instructors working with Targeted Yoga Services.

3. Only provide instructions for which the instructor is capable and qualified to provide, and which are safe to provide.

4. Report any concerns regarding the health and safety of the consumer immediately to the consumer’s elected contact and/or representative.

5. In an emergency, to immediately call 000.

6. In the event of an accident/incident, to document all details relating to the event in a progress note.


1. Avoid situations which may give rise to pecuniary or other conflicts of interest.

2. In general, instructors must not deal with the finances of consumers (if a situation arises where this is necessary, he or she does so ensuring the best interests of consumer is of upheld, and that any actions, advice or decision of the instructor are not influenced by self-interest or of personal gain, or other improper motives).

3. Instructors undertake to record details (via a progress note) of any occasion where financial transactions are required and where possible advise the consumer’s chosen representative.

4. Instructors are not to accept gifts from consumers which are, or could be reasonably interpreted as, inappropriate given the nature of the relationship between the instructor and consumer.

5. In situations where deemed appropriate due to the nature of the consumer where a gift has been received, the instructor undertakes to advise the family and/or the consumer’s chosen representative and record a progress note including details of the gift received.


1. Act at all times, honestly, truthfully, and in accordance with the terms of use of the Targeted Yoga Services website.

2. Ensure all representations made, and information provided to Targeted Yoga Services, and to the consumers via the Targeted Yoga Services website, is honest, accurate, and up to date.

3. Accurately record and report to Targeted Yoga Services the amount of hours during which the service has been legitimately provided to the consumers.

4. Act in good faith to Targeted Yoga Services, and not act in a manner which is contrary to the interests of Targeted Yoga Services.

5. Not offer to provide or provide services to consumers on terms, other than those disclosed to Targeted Yoga Services.

6. If a consumer approaches the instructor to provide  services on terms other than those disclosed to Targeted Yoga Services, the instructor must immediately notify Targeted Yoga Services of the request.

7. Not request or receive cash payments or other forms of compensation from consumers directly, in respect of services which are provided, which should properly be billed and paid via Targeted Yoga Services.


Any person recommended by Targeted Yoga Services working under NDIS funding must comply with the NDIS Code of Conduct sourced at ;