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 By engaging services from an instructor via the Targeted Yoga Services website, the consumer is agreeing to always: respect and treat the instructor with dignity and respect at all times.

                Respect the instructor’s personal, cultural, linguistic, religious preferences and background.

                Receive instruction without exploiting, abusing, discriminating against or harassing the instructor.

The client is obliged to act at all times, ethically and honestly.

Disclose relevant and accurate information in relation to diagnosis, medication and care required, ensuring the instructor can provide appropriate quality services in a safe and effective manner.            This includes but is not limited to providing documented care plans, relevant medical history provided by the consumer’s GP, Aged Care Assessment or other appropriate tool/referral provided by an existing service provider.

1.            Be aware of the appropriate professional boundaries, and act at all times to protect the boundaries of the professional relationship. For example, the consumer, family member and/or their representative must not engage in any type of physical relationship with any instructor, nor take unfair advantage of, or exploit any relationship with, the instructor in any way.

2.            Immediately report any episode or incident which raises concerns.

3.            Not act in a vulgar manner, nor do or act in any way, which may expose instructor to pornographic, sexually explicit or otherwise inappropriate material.

4.            Avoid situations which may give rise to the instructor having pecuniary or other conflicts of interest.

5.            Not offer gifts to the instructor which are, or could be reasonably interpreted as inappropriate, given the nature of the relationship between the instructor and the client. For example, the instructor must not be a beneficiary of a consumer’s will.


1.            Always act with due diligence in regards to the health, safety and wellbeing of themselves and the instructor, and not request the instructor to undertake any duty or activity that puts themselves, or the instructor’s health and safety, at risk.

2.            Maintain best efforts to provide a working environment where the care services can be delivered safely.


                Act at all times honestly and truthfully.

                Ensure that feedback  provided to the Targeted Yoga Services website is honest, respectful, accurate, and provided in good faith.

                Act in good faith to Targeted Yoga Services, and not do anything which is contrary to the interests of Targeted Yoga Services.  

               Not offer to receive services from instructors on terms other than those disclosed to Targeted Yoga Services.